Six simple steps to buy property in our online sales events


Set up a Free User Account

Register with no obligation to place bids or Tender Offer™. Your user account provides access to specific property documentation, event updates, bidding & Tender Offer™ activity.


Search & Select Desired Event

The website features many different real estate assets. Utilize our advanced search criteria to narrow down your selection by location or property type.


Review Event Information

Download the property-specific documents and event information to make better informed decisions. Contact the property representative or event manager for further assistance.


Submit Online Bid/Offer

Prior to the deadline of the event, enter your bid or Tender Offer™ amount on the specific property you are interested in purchasing.


Submit Bid/Offer Deposit

In order for your bid or offer to be considered valid, submit the required bid deposit as instructed in the event documents for the specific property..


Winning Bid/Offer is Declared

Upon acceptance of the winning bid/offer by the Seller, the Buyer deposits remaining purchase funds and the closing coordinator assists the Buyer and Seller with the final paperwork.


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Net Leased Property For Sale?

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